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US Army Soldiers Combat Footage in Afghanistan - Firefights With Taliban | Afghanistan War

1 лет назад

War in Afghanistan - Сombat footage of U.S. Soldiers from 101st Airborne Division during firefights against Taliban fighters. Soldiers come under fire from ...


14 ча назад

【今後の講演情報はこちら】 【ラジオやってます】 【毎週水曜日20時30分から生放送】 ニコ生...

Macron Attacks Nationalism | Wants EU Army | The Most Dangerous Man In Europe

16 ча назад

Buy The Iconoclast magazine - Follow me on BitChute and support real free speech; ...

U.S. Army Basic Training - Fort Benning, Georgia 2017

1 лет назад

Foxtrot Company 2nd Battalion 47th Infantry Reg Graduation: September 7, 2017 note: it appears that anything that might discourage people from enlisting has ...

Indian Army Trainning Hard Work

2 лет назад

LIKE - COMMENT - SH A RE - SUBSCRIBE Indian Army Hard Training, Hard Time.

Army XCTC OpFor: Convoy Ambush

3 меc назад

10th Mountain doing OpFor for the National Guard.

Pakistan army /Airforce training live video

1 лет назад

Pakistan airforce I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

Indian Army Medical Test For GD, Clerk, Technical

4 меc назад

Indian Army Medical Test For GD, Clerk, Technical 1) Indian Army Medical 2) Army Bharti Exam GK ...

Kids with Guns: UK's Army Cadet Force (Full Length)

4 лет назад

In a new episode of Rule Britannia, VICE joins the UK's Army Cadet Force and asks what the youth club can give British kids who may not have a lot else.

Training in the indian army infantry regiment....

6 меc назад

Brigades of guards.

What Gear You Get Issued In The Army

9 меc назад

Here is All of the Army gear that I have been issued. I just wanted to basically show all of you how much stuff it was and maybe show a few things. MOST of it is ...

Army Men - Plastic Apocalypse

7 лет назад

Make sure to subscribe to the official Plastic Apocalypse Youtube channel to view up and coming Plastic Apocalypse films. Episode 1 of the sequel, The Prisoner ...

Army Combat Fitness Test

4 меc назад

The Army approved a new physical fitness test for all Active, National Guard and Reserve Soldiers that is highly correlated with combat readiness. The Army will ...

Army Sniper School – Rifle Familiarization/Ghillie Suit Camouflage/Stalking

10 меc назад

Soldiers familiarize themselves with their rifles, prep their Ghillie Suits, and learn how to stalk through the forest with maximum concealment during training at the ...

How to Become a US Army Sniper?

2 меc назад

Whatever you need a website for, create yours today with Wix: Forty six candidates arrive at the US Army's Sniper School in ...

Jimin BTS Tetap Banjir Dukungan ARMY Jepang Meski Tengah Terlibat Kontroversi

15 ча назад

Jimin BTS Tetap Banjir Dukungan ARMY Jepang Meski Tengah Terlibat Kontroversi Sumber : Music ...

US Army Helmet Cam Of Humvee Machine Gunners Taking Out SVBIEDs During Simulated Combat Training

2 лет назад

Video shows helmet cam footage of US Army Humvee machine gunners taking out mock SVBIEDs and other targets in a simulated firefight during live fire ...

Indian army recruitment rally running kadapa

10 меc назад


Army men:Green vs Tan: Battle of Box City

3 лет назад

The Green attempts to take Box City, but what will they do when things go wrong? Thank you for watching our video! Feel free to leave any suggestions, support, ...

Finally, the Ukrainian army is back to strengthen its defensive capabilities

9 меc назад

Finally, the Ukrainian army is back to strengthen its defensive capabilities It is indisputable that the main criterion for assessing the armed forces of any country is ...


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