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1 дн назад

Welcome to UnComo Sports. In this new ACROBACIAS video, our gymnastic trainer Cris Mironescu will teach us how to make PALOMA with a HAND.


3 дн назад

Welcome back to oneHOWTO Sports. In our continuing series of Zumba instruction videos, today our resident Zumba teacher Paola Granada and her team show ...

How To Get A Woman To Kiss Me - Step By Step

1 нед назад

Do you really want a girl to kiss you but don't know how to approach the situation? If so, follow our step to step on how to get a woman to kiss you. Become a ...

ZUMBA FITNESS - Choreography to Lose Weight

1 нед назад

In this new Zumba video from oneHOWTO Sports, we look at one of the most fun ways imaginable you can lose weight. Zumba can help increase fitness, ...

MUAY THAI High Kick Tutorial

2 нед назад

Welcome to oneHOWTO Sports where today we are going to learn how to do high kicks in Muay Thai. It is sometimes known as a diagonal high kick or a ...

Reggaeton Zumba Dance Workout - "Échame la culpa"

2 нед назад

Welcome to this new reggaeton zumba workout from oneHOWTO. Today our teacher Paola Granada is teaching us the dance choreography for the song ...

Overhead Squat Crossfit - CROSSFIT CLASSES

3 нед назад

Do you want to learn how to crossFit squat properly? If so, you have come to the right place! Follow our crossFit coach, Miguel, as he teaches us how to perform ...


3 нед назад

Welcome back to UnComo Sports! In this Zumba tutorial , we will be learning a fun ZUMBA routine to Mr Saik's "Se Menea". This routine is great to practice at ...


4 нед назад

In this basic acrobatics tutorial for beginners, we will show you how to do forward and backward rolls, a press handstand, a cartwheel and an aerial cartwheel.

El Anillo - Zumba Dance Choreography

1 меc назад

Welcome to oneHOWTO Sports where we have another floor-filler ZUMBA choreography to help you have fun and get fit. Our ZUMBA teacher Paola Granada ...

Basic Acrobatics - Sitting to Standing Backflip

1 меc назад

Today in oneHOWTO Sports we are going to show you a trick which needs some practice before you master it. Fortunately, we are here to show you the tricks ...

Twerk Tutorial: The Shake for Beginners

1 меc назад

We have different twerking instructional videos here at oneHOWTO, but getting the basics right means more advanced steps are easier. In this video we show ...

Zumba for Glutes Exercise Tutorial

1 меc назад

Welcome to oneHOWTO Sports. Zumba is a great way to exercise and have fun, either with friends or on your own with video tutorials. While zumba is used for ...

Fitness ZUMBA class

2 меc назад

Fitness ZUMBA class Want to lose weight and get healthy in a fun way? If so, follow our ZUMBA classes here at OnehOWTO! Not only are they easy, but you can ...

Easy Twerk Step- Shake Up & Down

2 меc назад

Have you ever wanted to master your twerking skills? Twerking has become a phenomenon over the past couple of years and so has its range of styles.

ZUMBA Dance Fitness Tutorial- Full Cardio

2 меc назад

ZUMBA Dance Fitness Tutorial- Full Cardio Do you want to lose weight in a fun and easy way? If so, take a look at our OnehOWTO ZUMBA dance fitness tutorial.

Fun Zumba Dance Tutorial

2 меc назад

Fun And Easy Zumba Tutorial Want to learn Zumba? This Zumba workout is a great way to dance yourself fit with your friends, and have a good time! Let our ...

How to do a Back Handspring in Gymnastics

2 меc назад

The backwards handspring is different from a backflip in one significant way. Instead of jumping backward completely through the air, you use your hands to ...

How to Shoot a Basketball Perfectly

2 меc назад

Have you perfected your dribbling, but find you always fall short when it comes to take the shot. You might be OK when it's just you, but getting that shot to land ...

ZUMBA Class For Weight Loss

2 меc назад

Do you want to lose weight in a funny and easy way? If so! Follow our ZUMBA choreography to lose those extra pounds. ZUMBA is a new fun aerobic fitness ...

How To Do A One Handed Cartwheel – EASY ACROBATICS

3 меc назад

Acrobatics is a difficult but beautiful performance and physical training that challenges your abilities, including your balance, agility, and motor coordenation!