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Yoga by Biola : BE LIBERATED

Intro to Yoga Series Class 2 | Yoga by Biola

2 дн назад

It's week 2 of our Intro to Yoga Series and today we're practicing Forward Folds and Hip Openings. If you're new to my channel, welcome! Every Monday for the ...

Intro to Yoga Series Class 1 | Yoga by Biola

1 нед назад

I'm baccckk! Coming at you with a 3-part Intro to Yoga Series. Every Monday for the next 3 weeks we'll approach the yoga practice from a beginner stance.

Guided Meditation for Awareness | Yoga by Biola

2 меc назад

Enjoy this guided meditation in the morning, evening or midday to help increase your self awareness. Here we'll exercise a receptive inhalation and begin to ...

Energizing Yoga for Backbends | Yoga by Biola

3 меc назад

Let's bend and snap! Naw, I'm just playing ya'll but I do want to help you grow in your backbend practice. Increase the flexibility and stability of your spine and ...

Yoga for Healthy Knees & Hips | Yoga by Biola

3 меc назад

Are you healing from an injury? Do your knees and hips sometimes snap, crackle and pop? OR are you looking for preventative practices for healthy bones and ...

Yoga for Intimacy | Yoga by Biola

4 меc назад

Intimacy breaks to down to 'in-to-me-see.' To see within yourself is to begin exercising self awareness and personal trust. However the current social and ...

My 4 Daily Health & Beauty Rituals | Yoga by Biola

4 меc назад

These 4 basic health and beauty rituals might NOT apply to everyone but they've been a very simple way for me to cleanse & connect with myself each day!

Strengthening Yoga for Balance | Yoga by Biola

4 меc назад

Establish internal and external balance with this strengthening sequence designed to help you build focus while developing endurance! ❥Head to ...

How to do Full Splits Safely | Yoga by Biola

4 меc назад

Despite how the yoga world makes it appear, splits are completely doable for multiple body types. Yet, in order to achieve this posture you have to commit to ...

Yoga for Third Eye Awakening | Yoga by Biola

5 меc назад

Your 6th chakra houses your 3rd eye and is where your consciousness is housed. Use this sequence to not only awaken your conscience but elevate it beyond ...

7 Yoga Poses for the 7 chakras #2

5 меc назад

Hey fam! I am excited to deliver the 7 yoga poses for the 7 chakras, Edition #2. If you've wanted to know where the seven chakras are located, what they hold ...

Gentle Vinyasa Yoga for Beginners

5 меc назад

Explore the foundational elements of Vinyasa with this gentle approach to designed to help you safely practice the basics while building heat. Modified versions ...

How to do Bakasana Crow Safely

6 меc назад

Hey fam! This video breaks down how to do bakasana crow safely. This beginner arm balance is a great way to build up core strength throughout your yoga ...

BEGINNER Yoga for Throat Chakra Opening | Yoga by Biola

6 меc назад

Find your voice with this beginner throat chakra sequence. Part of our chakra video series, the 5th chakra houses our self expression and ability to communicate ...

Neck & Shoulder Release Yoga w/ Massage Ball

6 меc назад

The neck and shoulders are where we hold the most stress and are ready and responsive to release when we set aside the time to do so. Decrease stress and ...

Heart Chakra Chest Opening Yoga

6 меc назад

Housed in the heart, the 4th chakra or Anahata is characterized by the element air. It disperses and integrates high frequency emotions equated to love like ...

CORE YOGA Third Chakra Sequence

8 меc назад

Housed in the core, the 3rd chakra or solar plexus is where our power, personal identity and confidence are stored. If you experience feelings of insecurity or ...

How to Build a Relationship with your Yoni

10 меc назад

Hey ya'll! It's time to build a relationship with your yoni. What do I mean by that? I mean connect with your sacral chakra and understand how it flows and ...

Trap Vinyasa™ 101: Class 1

11 меc назад

I created Trap Vinyasa™ to explore sensuality as opposed to identifying my body as a sexual vessel only, I also wanted to physically embody self acceptance.

Divine Feminine Yoga

11 меc назад

Are you curious about what the hell the Divine Feminine is or means? You've come to the right place my friend! In this video enjoy as I lead you through this ...

Sacral Chakra Level I/II Yoga Sequence

1 лет назад

Located about 3'' below the belly button, the sacral chakra is associated with the emotional body, pleasure and creativity. Read more about transforming sexual ...